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Certified webinar speaker (cws) designation.

Who We Are

The Philippine Association of Professional Speakers is the country’s premier group for aspiring and experienced speaking professionals. It’s the only national body that is recognized by the Global Speakers Federation.

How It Started

The coronavirus global pandemic has moved professional speakers from the stage to their homes. Using tools such as webcam, microphone, the Internet among many others, seminars are now replaced with webinars.

Why Choose CWS

We all want to have a successful meeting, conference, seminar or training. But what gives you a guarantee that your invited speaker will perform accordingly? CWS designation gives you that because title-holders are screened and qualified prior to earning such certification.

How It Works

Let us know your preferred schedule of the online meeting as well as the topic you want our Certified Webinar Speakers to talk about. We will get back to you for the shortlist. Then, we can start the booking process.

not just speakers. choose certified webinar speakers

  • Motivational speakers
  • Leadership and Management Speakers
  • Sales Speakers
  • Stress Management Speakers
  • Work Life Balance Speakers
  • Values and Ethics Speakers

We provide a number of Certified Webinar Speakers to help you have a successful meeting, convention, conference, seminars, and workshops.

Get Best Webinar Speakers in the Philippines!

certified webinar speaker Is The New Cool!

The new learning and development platform is here. It requires a new kind of professional speakers and trainers.

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